European Royalty and a Donut-shaped Spacecraft

Every day in a newspace startup is interesting, but some days are even more so than usual. On monday, the crown prince (and princess) of Luxembourg came to visit our company. As part of the visit, I helped run a science fair to discuss various aspects of asteroid mining. One key aspect is the spacecraft that

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Today I began my career as an asteroid miner at Planetary Resources. It’s an exciting time, and I’m happy to get set up in a new city and dig in to new challenges and responsibilities.

ADS-B Constellation Paper Published

Working together with my friend Sreeja, we have published a paper regarding a Phase A study of an ADS-B constellation designed to cover Alaskan airspace. You can check out the paper here:

Magnetic Measurement Paper Published

I’ve published a new paper regarding magnetic measurements performed during my time at CU-Boulder working on the CSSWE 3U CubeSat. You can download the new paper using the following link:

CSSWE still making waves

My first satellite, the Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE), is still making headlines: I was incredibly lucky to be involved in this very special CubeSat. I predict that the-little-satellite-that-could isn’t done generating publications. Keep an eye out for them!

GOMX-3 Early Operations

GOMX-3 was successfully deployed from the ISS on Monday, October 5th: Since then, we’ve been performing the exciting job of commissioning the satellite, and ESA recently interviewed me to comment on our progress: All has been going extremely well; I’m very happy to work among such talented engineers. It’s weeks like these that make

GOMX-3 Launch Press

Thanks to my position at GomSpace, I have been able to work as the system engineer of the GOMX-3 satellite, the first ESA In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) CubeSat. Once again, I have been given the opportunity to take a satellite from design to in-orbit operations. During the launch of GOMX-3 aboard HTV-5, ESA (and a few others) linked to this

NewSpace Journal Article

My presentation at SmallSat was covered by the website Check out the article here:

Fully Operational

I’ve decided it’s time for my own personal website. It’s been fun learning how to do this website stuff from the ground up. I hope to continue to expand this site as my skills get better. Time will tell.