GOMX-3 CubeSat

GOMX-3 CubeSat


During my time at GomSpace, my primary project was the GOMX-3 3U CubeSat. As the first ESA In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) CubeSat, this mission paved the way for future European technology demonstration nanosatellites.

The CubeSat was also a first for GomSpace, as it was their first satellite to demonstrate 3-axis attitude control; it achieved a pointing accuracy of 1° (1-sigma). It also carried a variety of RF payloads with a total of 5 separate antennas: an ADS-B receiver for aircraft tracking, a GNSS receiver, a high-speed Xband transmitter (3 Mbit downlink demonstrated), a UHF link for commanding and telemetry, and an advanced software-defined radio payload.

The mission was especially exciting due to its tie-in with the first Danish astronaut (Andreas Mogensen) and its launch from the ISS (via Nanoracks). Because of the need to meet the deadline of Andreas’ presence on the ISS, the project was also under tight schedule constraints, as shown in the timeline below.

Project kickoff to FM delivery was about 1 year

As the lead system engineer for the project, I took the design from a Statement of Work to a successfully commissioned satellite which met all its mission goals. This meant requirements design, coordination with subcontractors and the customer (ESA), technical analysis (design, budgets, and operational), requirements verification via testing, and satellite operation.

All involved parties are proud of the mission and its achievements as is evident from the articles below:





I’ve also authored both journal and conference papers related to the GOMX-3 mission.